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plodes® Float Collection Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture collection made of rubber coated foam and modular extrusion shapes that are lightweight and currently available in several colors as a lounge, couch, chaise, and stool or table.

plodes® Waveform Shelving

Waveform is a shelving system made of flat sheet metal, in twelve colors.

plodes® Rounded Series Wall Plates

System of rounded electrical wall plates available for toggle switches, duplex outlets, decora outlets and switches, and blank configurations. Available in assorted colors and finishes.

plodes® Geometric, Cone, and Wave Fire Pits

Geometric Firepit is hand crafted of durable cold rolled carbon steel and has a natural rust patina finish. Its solid construction, angled Interior walls, and simplistic plug drain make it easy to withstand the elements and clean when desired. Cone Fire Pit is a wood burning fire pit inspired by a jet engine’s geometrically dynamic afterburner nozzle, offered in A36 carbon steel and premium A588 Core-Ten steel. Wave Fire Pit is a wood burning fire pit comprised of just two pieces of plate steel and only essential welds, available in both 30” and 40” overall diameters, and is offered in A36 carbon steel and premium A588 Core-Ten steel.

plodes® Barnacles

Adaptable storage vessels using minimal, shell-like housings to store items. Storage becomes articulated and organized.